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Mandy Myers


After a friend’s encouragement, Mandy attended her first hot yoga class in 2017 and hasn't looked back.  Yoga began as an outlet for her to unwind from long, chaotic days at work and evolved into something much greater than the physical practice. The mental clarity and focus she gained on the mat were invaluable and prepared her for challenging and difficult situations off the mat. 


Overtime, her interest in health and wellness became more evident and she made the decision to pursue a new direction in her work that aligned with her passion for yoga.  This change started in India with yoga teacher training in January 2020.  She completed a 200 hour immersion program and returned home to continue her education under the mentorship of Shangri-la Hot Yoga manager, Melissa Sulowski.  


Her hope is to provide a space where students feel welcome and comfortable exploring their movement and growing in their practice no matter their level or yoga background. 

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