Iyengar Yoga


We have many styles of class for all different types of practitioners.

Gentle Flow

In gentle flow you’ll be guided through postures in a slower Vinyasa style. You will be moved through more supportive poses, with the option for modifications for your practice level. Props are encouraged to allow the body to achieve each pose comfortably. This is a great class for students looking for a more gentle experience, those who are new to yoga, or those who need a change of pace. Class is in a warm room of 80-85 degrees & humidity of 25-30%.


Suitable for all levels.

Warm/Hot Vinyasa

Vinyasa flows will get your heart rate up and body moving. Students will experience the connection of movement & breath as they are guided through mindfully linked poses. This all levels class offers many options to help make it supportive or challenging depending on what your body needs. Warm Vinyasa is in a heated room of 85-92 degrees. Hot Vinyasa is in a heated room of 95-102 degrees.


Suitable for all levels. 


Fusion is an all levels class that combines vinyasa flow with static holds. Fusion starts with an element of flow designed to create smooth transitions from each pose to the next while getting up the heart rate. The second half of the practice incorporates holding postures longer creating a deeper stretch and more muscle engagement. It is practiced in a heated room between 95-102 degrees and humidity of 35-40%.


Suitable for all levels.

Power Flow

This powerful, energetic Vinyasa flow is a fun and challenging practice. It is a fast-paced class that will tone, sculpt, and condition your body. Power yoga will push you mentally and physically, helping you to find your edge. Practiced in a heated room of 93-98 degrees and 35-40% humidity.

Best suited for those with a regular yoga practice, but open to all.


The perfect combination of yoga and HIIT makes this class a great workout. Using body weight exercises we will work both strength and cardio. We guarantee you will leave sore and sweaty! Takes place in a warm room of 75-80 degrees and 25-30% humidity.

Suitable for all levels.

Deep Stretch

Deep stretch yoga targets the connective tissues of the body that are not often targeted in other styles of yoga. Students will be guided into stretching poses that they will hold for an extended amount of time, often returning to the breath to cultivate mindfulness in these poses. This type of yoga is an excellent compliment to a vigorous yoga practice or other physical activity. It is practiced in a warm environment of around 80 to 85 degrees.

Suitable for all levels. 

Yoga Nidra

The yoga of aware sleep. To rest the body into a complete state of stillness, then ignite the mind into contained awareness. Not just a relaxation method but a specific state of internal awareness. It allows the practitioner a deeper connection to their inner self. With guided meditation and a dedication to this practice you will find yourself less anxious, less fatigued, less stressed, and have overall improved concentration. This class is held in a warm environment of 80-85 degrees.

Suitable for all levels.  


This is a relaxing class that will act as a meditative experience for the mind & body. The poses in this class require little to no muscular exertion. Each pose is held for several minutes with the use of props as support to allow your muscles & mind to release & relax. This is a practice of silence & stillness with intentional guidance to notice any thoughts of sensations arising in your body. No yoga or meditation experience is needed. This class is held in a warm room of 75-80 degrees.

Suitable for all levels.